Media Exam Part B – Independent Film Company

The Results Of Our Survey

Today at school we conducted a survey asking 20 pupils from the ages 16-18 which of the three genres they would prefer to watch. These results have made us seriously consider the option of a thriller opening which we were keen to produce even before receiving such positive feedback with regards to the horror genre.

Potential Soundtrack For Our Opening

Today after researching some similar thriller products and the type of soundtrack they use, we decided to research into what music would be appropriate for our thriller opening. We feel that the naturalness and simplicity of this song would instantly create a sombre mood, therefore establishing our genre from the start. We also think that the appropriate tone and lyrics could foreshadow the drama to come. For instance the lyric “I know dark clouds will gather round me.”

Research Into Similar Products

This film opening was producded by another AS media student. We feel that it is similar to what we aim to produce due to the still photo images used as we wish to include the use of still photo montages of London in our final piece. We feel that in this opening they are effective and work well with the storyline.

Familiarising Ourselves With The Main Task’s Objectives And Mark Scheme

The main task itself:

Level 1 0–23 marks—The work for the main task is possibly incomplete. There is minimal evidence in the work of the creative use of the areas
Level 2 24–35 marks—There is evidence of a basic level of ability in the creative use of some of the areas
Level 3 36–47 marks—There is evidence of proficiency in the creative use of many of the areas
Level 4 48–60 marks—There is evidence of excellence in the creative use of most of the areas

Key areas

• Producing material appropriate for the target audience and task.
• Using titles appropriately according to institutional conventions.
• Using sound with images and editing appropriately for the task set.
• Shooting material appropriate to the task set; including controlled use of the camera, attention to framing, variety of shot distance and close attention to mise-en-scene.
• Using editing so that meaning is apparent to the viewer and making selective and appropriate use of shot transitions and other effects.


Our First Storyboard – Rough Idea


Today Liam and I brainstormed possible ideas for our opening sequence. We decided we wanted our opening to be unique and would instantly grab the audience’s attention. In a previous discussion we decided we wanted to make an opening of the horror genre appealing to the younger generation and “horror film fans”. We are still researching other thriller openings which are proffessional and also openings made by other AS media candidates to help us get inspiration for key features such as lighting and camera work. However after brainstorming today we came up with a potential idea for a thriller opening and we decided to get our ideas down on paper in a storyboard format. A detailed breakdown of the storyline for this potential opening will follow shortly.

Possible Ideas For Filming Location

After a discussion with my group, we feel that a really great place to do the majority of our filming would be the centre of London as we feel that the bustling and vibrant city will give our opening a very atmospheric mis en scene. These are just ideas of places that we feel would be great to film.

Piccadilly-Circus-007London EyeLiverpool Street

Houses of Parliament